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"Corona Escape Mission" is a fun and short 2d platformer including agile platforming as well as maneuvering your rocket to reach new areas... 

  • Explore different platforms!
  • Refuel your Rocket by finding and enabling Command Centers
  • Overcome challenging platform elements by agile movement 
  • Get rid of enemies on the way!
  • Dash your way though rain, caves and hostile environments 
  • Make sure you make it in time for the party at the moon!

Good luck!


P.s. If you want to find out how the game was made check out Bastian's YouTube Channel


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Awesome! I can see the amount of effort put into the game! Much more expansive than I thought. It keeps on giving!


Thanks for ur kind comment man! Ur game is the bomb though! Young Moon!

Nice game, I loved the background and the player  :)

Appreciate the comment bro!

Very nice sound design, the crickets sound great! Loved the tutorial integrated as you play the game. Fun mix with the platforming and the rocket steering.

Thanks for the kind feedback!

nice game! looks unique

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice graphics, looks great :)

Thank you for the feedback! :D