A Journey Into The Blizzard... 
What is life about?
And what is it that we really need & desire?
Join our protagonist on his quest to salvation and freedom in a refreshing short game!

Walk with A & D or the Arrow Keys.

Wonder how it was made? Check out my YouTube Channel or the dedicated video.

A Game by Bastian Top for the Blackthornprod GAME JAM #3

Theme - Less is More!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorBastian Top
Tags2D, Story Rich


Into the Blizzard.zip 40 MB


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~Good :) Liked IT!!! Calming & SOOOOTHING~

When i entered a Cabin i think this is very nice intro, hoping is not over. And it was :/ at least if you had one more level but it was good but no real gameplay :/

that was a pretty game (: didnt have much gameplay and didnt fit the theme much, but it was sure a good small break from everything (: you should consider testing my game as well!

Nice grahics and game feel, no real gameplay tho... Nice work

I like the story. when his phone rings I thought it was mine and get shocked for a sec because I was playing this in work time... Time to back to work now(sigh

The ambiance  was so good and the short story really inspired me, it's just a shame that you didn't have some music, like something chill to set off the idea, apart from that the art style is perfect, the best one I had seen in this game jam so far you should be proud.

Really good art and very inspiring dialogue!! The only thing I would nitpick about This game is that it doesn't have mucho of a "game" to it. But the graphics are beautiful and the dialogue is so great. Good Job!

Appreciate the feedback! I really wanted to focus on the theme with this one, and yeah it is more an experience than a game. ^^

The art for this is great 👌

Thank you!

No problem... If you ever need any music / composition / ambience please get in touch!

Cool, thank you for letting me know! Will do so..

No problem. I'm really keen to try and put together some interesting sounds for awesome looking artwork in games like this one.

its not very fun, but cool story! and it fits the theme well nice one!


Hehe cheers..

Quite a lovely little game! Very atmospheric.

Thank you for your kind comment!

i really loved the sound effects, and the graphics of this little game..


Cheers! Appreciate the feedback!

A short game that will make you reflect a little about life.

Thanks for the review ^^

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