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This Game was made for Brackeys Game Jam 2021

"Robo" is a fun but dark 2d platformer.. Find your way out of the darkness and save your friends... Remember, you are stronger together!

  • Explore!
  • Power-up!
  • Platform!

Arrow Keys Or AD for Left & Right Movement
Down or S Keys for Downward Force
Space to Jump (you can/must Coyote Jump)

Good luck!


P.s. If you want to find out how the game was made check out Bastian's YouTube Channel or join Discord!

YT Library for Music
Black Bird for inspiration


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Robo.zip 82 MB
RoboLinux.zip 84 MB


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Great Game!


Coyright !!!!! copy of blackbird (winner of blackthornprodgame jam) tho nice effort

Oh no the copyright police came to game jams 😂

But yeah it is pretty much noted in the description! 👍

Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it's useful to you :D

-The main concept is quite interesting and the gameplay mechanics chosen are well thought for it.

-The visual style is pretty clear and makes the gameplay enjoyable.

-I've seen the frame rate drop brutally in one of the levels but I don't actually know why it happend, check the video and you might see what I'm talking about :)

-The difficulty spikes a lot at the level where I ended video, also it could be that I'm quite bad at platforming so don't mind this too much hahaha.

Hopefully this is useful yo you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hey bro! Thank you so much for the review video! Great feedback! I have optimized level 3 now, the fps drops should be reduced now I hope! And yeah the last level is challenging! haha!

Good to hear :D you are welcome :)

Can you please make a macos executable as well

(2 edits)

I uploaded one but I am not sure if it works as I don't have a Mac!

yeah, I just downloaded it but it is not working. Your game seems really fun though. Guess it cant be helped.

it is a strange issue within unity. If it is made on windows for some reason the mac app doesnt work. Thanks for testing though, i will take it down for now until there is a solution