Kids mode in WebGL should work fine / Adult mode might be laggy! the download is highly recommended to have the best experience!

"Emily's Adventure" is a fun and challenging platformer within a crazy diverse world including several different levels with quests and tricky puzzles including a kids mode for kids from 4~ older and a tough adult mode!

Created by a one-man team over the course of the corona virus lockdown. Play as Emily, to help out her dad to keep the family's biggest pride strong...  It will be the ultimate beer run! Yes you read it right, you will help out your old man to create the most flawless beer in history...

Bastian Top reveals an interesting story with influences from his young kids of 2 & 4 years old in combination of drunk creativity throughout the corona lockdown...

  • Explore eight levels with totally different environments
  • Play with your kids in "Kids Mode" to introduce younger kids (4 years and older) to basic platforming
  • Enjoy a voice over for kids mode in 4 languages (English, German, Dutch & Japanese)
  • Or play "Adult Mode" an unforgiving environment in which you need to hone your platforming skills as well as your aiming skills to take care of various dangers!
  • Collect several collectibles to complete quests and unlock next levels
  • Catch up with your old man from time to time to see where to go next
  • Collect the ingredients for the ultimate beer!

Playable levels are as below, including a kids and adult version of each level and a level unlock system. Adult mode can be considered a different game, so please try out both!

Level 1 - Sky (Kids & Adult)
Level 2 - Beach (Kids & Adult)
Level 3 - Forest (Kids & Adult)
Level 4 - Blue Crystal Cave  (Kids & Adult)
Level 5 - Brewery (Kids & Adult)
Level 6 - Stinky Factory (Kids & Adult)
Level 7 - Red Mountains  (Kids & Adult)
Level 8 - Final Abyss (Kids  & Adult)

Good luck on your beer run!!

Bastian Top

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorBastian Top
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags2D, children, Funny, jumping, Singleplayer, Unity


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Neat game! If you play the kid mode there isnt much of a challenge, just collectibles and bright colors. But if you play the adult mode, everything is darker and the collectibles are actual enemies. 

I like the semi-realistic graphics and backgrounds. The glowing special effects and animations are nice as well. It has a somewhat magical feel to it, thanks to the music and the setting.

If I was to nitpick, I'd say that the levels feel a bit repetitive and I would like the option to change the controls. It's hard to use Shift, Space and F to navigate, and Shift is a button I personally dislike because it blips when you press it too often, and feels unreliable.

Overall this is a decent game, which reminds me those experimental platformers back in the SNES days. Nothing too new here, but also nothing too alien either, which is a great combination in my book :)

Thank you kindly for your comment!

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A very interesting game, just bought it yesterday. I am just learning a playmaker and it would be cool if the game was with source files so that you can watch how it was made and learn. I am constantly trying to make mechanics similar to Hollow Knight. Most of all interested in the level with red crystals

Hey there Grayfox90! You actually bought it? I was wondering why 2$ came in.. Appreciate that bro, of course I would not of minded if you just snatch it for free! I have a lot of tutorials on my YT channel on playmaker! Please check them out and also join my discord if you like:

I really like the game a lot especially with how different kids mode is; it isn't just an easier version of adult mode. One thing is that I would've preferred if changing blaster modes was right mouse click since I would be able to react faster to changing it but that's just a small nick pick. Great work! :)

Ah that is a fair point! Can easily add that in the future ^^ Thank you for playing!